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How I work

In 2000 I co-founded a non-profit to help women rebuild their lives. I served as the Executive Director, primary life coach, and speaker for 12 years. I am passionate about seeing women fulfill their God-given potential.  I am solutions-oriented and I believe that each woman's story is uniquely beautiful. Therefore, I tailor coaching sessions to meet client needs and deliver relevant talks that are geared toward personal growth. I relish every opportunity to equip women as they transform the spark that ignites their inner fire.


Working Together to Restore your Spark

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I believe that God created every woman with intrinsic worth. This is at the core of who a woman is and it resides within her heart; a sacred place that holds the spark which lights her fire. Her worth is the epicenter from which she draws the strength to overcome challenges and from which she rises up to succeed in life.


God has hardwired our hearts to be filled with purpose. He wants to reveal that purpose and when He does our spark becomes a fire! Every experience a woman has from birth to her present life will effect her in a variety of ways. When a woman is wounded, those experiences are the most damaging. Wounds when left unattended or buried can cause bitterness, degrade a woman’s confidence and snuff out her spark.


My story is filled with many such experiences. BUT GOD! He didn't allow my epicenter to remain filled with debris and old wounds. He found me at my weakest, and gently helped me face the damage in my life. He gave me the strength to stand up to my fears, the courage to sort through the debris and the clarity to see that which could be used in my life and in the lives of other women.


I will not tell you it was easy, but I will promise you He was and remains faithful. He has made me a professional treasure hunter - one who stands in the gap for women and helps them reclaim what has been lost or buried. I do not claim to have all the answers or promise to solve your problems. However, if you will allow me to help you sort through your debris, together we can clear your epicenter and give your Spark the oxygen it needs to ignite! We are not alone. God will meet us at ground zero!


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