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Elizabeth Lambert is an inspirational speaker and life coach who guides women to pursue their purpose in the Lord, restoring hope and directing them toward a brighter future.  She is available for In-Person and Online Events!

My first love is Jesus Christ! I am devoted to His kingdom and purposes. I am a mother to three adult children, two Great Danes, and grandmother to one awesome grandson. On Wednesday nights can be found with a group of high school girls doing life. In addition, to my speaking, I work regularly with women from diverse cultures and backgrounds as a life coach.

The Lord put love for encouraging and equipping women in my heart long before I understood the value of it. It was the essential thing that I needed as a girl but didn't receive. In 2000 I co-founded a non-profit to help women rebuild their lives and served as the Executive Director, primary life coach, and speaker for 12 years. I am passionate about seeing women fulfill their God-given potential.  Withholding my personal judgment, given the opportunity, I will meet a woman where she is. My only requirement is that she be willing to do the hard work it takes to grow. Through a difficult childhood and troubled youth, God has woven grit, loyalty, discretion, compassion, and love into the fabric of my work with women. He taught me to leave the door unlocked from my side so that women who aren't ready have access when they are.  

I am solutions-oriented and I believe that each woman's story is uniquely beautiful. Therefore, I am committed to offering coaching sessions that are tailored to client needs and delivering talks that are relevant and geared towards Christian growth. Every woman has inherent worth given to her by God. It is at the core of who she is and it resides in her heart. I relish every opportunity to equip women as they ignite the spark that starts their inner fire.

Among my favorite ways to encourage and equip others are my monthly articles in the Mill Creek Lifestyles magazine. I am thrilled to be featured, with my new book on the online show My 2020, "Deeper Connection with God."

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